2 Naked Canadians in 1 week

2 Naked Canadians in 1 week

Obsession with detail, high quality products and a determination to create only in Canada marks this company’s DNA. We are talking raw denim, we are talking Naked and Famous.

Jeans made in Canada are not a fairy tale or a ‘what if’ dream, its a reality in Montreal. Naked and Famous travels to Japan various times a year to source the best blends and the most innovative denim in the world. Some of their unique denims include jeans that are “scratch and sniff” and ones that glow in the dark!! Personally, I am not sure if I would buy either one of those but they have plenty to show in the way of high quality products.

Once you go Naked and Famous, there’s no going back, you just don’t look at jeans the same way. All of their denims are measured, cut and sewn right here in Canada. As we do not grow cotton or many other clothing material, we have to travel to exotic places like Japan to procure them. Most of the jeans we are wearing today come from a few big brands that charge anywhere from 300 CAD to 800 CAD, some charge between 100 CAD 200 CAD but not many. Once we take a closer look at the material used, we come to the conclusion that the material is not that different or with very little variation. We won’t go into detail of why these companies charge the prices they do.

But we will tell you that Naked and Famous sources better material and finish the jean right here at home for us to enjoy. They do not use any form of celebrity endorsement, nor do they sign on overbearing models with unrealistic body images that make the average consumer feel less than. Even their name is a satirical take on the image of so called “luxury brands”. Mind you, if you use the best material and are able to infuse it with over the top quality and craftsmanship then, in fact, you do have a true luxury brand, without the pretentiousness!

But, you might say, Naked and Famous doesn’t feel like a luxury brand! That is because they are intentionally moving away from the stereotypical image of what a luxury brand should look like. This group of Canadian makers are redefining what it means to be defined as “luxurious” and you know what, we agree!

Luxury = High quality product + high quality craftsmanship

So get Naked and put on a pair of their jeans. We are confident that you will love their denim and join us in being a part of this new movement of quality over quantity.

Pay them a visit online: https://www.nakedandfamousdenim.com/

Facebook: @nfdenim

Instagram: #nakedandfamousdenim


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