3/4 oz. Tonic Maison

3/4 oz. Tonic Maison

3/4 oz. Tonic Maison

Canadian made Food

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

3/4 oz. Tonic Maison’s mission is to provide their customers with a delicious drink and a unique experience when they’re having that perfect Gin and Tonic. They also want to offer their customers a beautiful object and design that they can cherish at home or that will impress their guests and their hosts. 3/4 oz. Tonic Maison is just as beautiful as it is tasteful. Entirely made from natural ingredients, 3/4 oz. Tonic Maison gives a distinctive aromatic, bitter and smoky taste to a user’s tonic water. All they have to do is simply mix it with their favorite brand of gin and enjoy.

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