Buck Naked

Buck Naked

Buck Naked, I saw a label today that made me stop, take a few steps back, and inconspicuously try to read the label without drawing too much attention. Buck NaKed is all natural (pun intended), and even if I didn’t see it at a health food store, it would make me do a double take.

The name definitely caught my eye, but it was the content that kept me reading. Made in Ontario, this soap is as good as it looks; cruelty and chemical free, and made from natural ingredients that won’t dry out your skin. Considering that our skin is able to absorb most things in under a minute, this was comforting to know.

I bought three of these soaps; the Cocorosa, made with moroccan clay,  Chamomile with Calendula castile soap (for the evening)  and their Energizing Marigold soap (for the morning). I usually buy three, that way I don’t have to go to the store as often!! I ended my day with the Chamomile soap which definitely helped turn down some of my incessant inner chatter and get me nice and zen before bed!


Although I am just focusing on their soap since that is what I purchased, Buck NaKed has a variety of products from lotion to baby products to perfume…and all at fair and reasonable prices. Let’s face it, if you are anything like me, your health food store bills can be ridiculous but with Buck NaKed, you won’t break the bank and can still commit to a practicing good purchasing behavior.

Now that you know this soap is Amazing! Let me give you the 411 on the people responsible for this product. The makers are Rina and John and the inspiration is baby Elias. You see baby Elias’ skin, like most babies, is too delicate for those commercial products and he soon started developing irritations on his skin. Faced with no available products on the market that were chemical free and vegan, Rina and John decided to make their own products. Enter Buck NaKed, now with a big team and awesome facilities right here in Canada, and you can buy their soap all over the country and the USA. They’ve also been featured in People’s magazine! Even with all of this success, they are still humble and still hustling, true to their Canadian spirit. Check out their Instagram to stay up to date with their newest ventures.

Soap & ____…. water! Please know that with every purchase of Buck Naked soap, they donate a portion to WE. WE is a charity whose focus is on providing clean water for cooking and for drinking to communities all over the world. This is a magical alliance, no soap without water. So feel good when you buy this amazing product, knowing you had something to do with providing drinking water to many people around the world.

Feel good, smell good and support your local economy = Buck NaKed Soap Company

Pay them a visit online: https://bucknakedsoapcompany.com/

Instagram: #bucknakedsoapcompany

Facebook: @bnsoap



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