Camping season is here!

Camping season is here!

Who you callin’ Muttonhead!?! Not these guys! They know what they are doing. You may not know it but Muttonhead is a unisex apparel company located in Toronto. Proudly displaying the ‘Made in Canada stamp on all of their products, they are not only invested in their own brand look but also help other Canadian brands looking to establish a foothold in the Canadian apparel industry.

Right now Camping Season gear is what you may find on most shelves. Usually pretty standard stuff, nothing to write home about….until now! Muttonhead Camping gear kicks it up a notch. Designed and manufactured in North America to be unisex and to fit all shapes and sizes, just because you’re roughng it, doesn’t mean you have to look like you are! I really enjoy and admire how they are not pretentious about their brand or what they stand for. Their lookbook is called “The Great Exploration” , shot by Alana Paterson, brings the camping experience to you and lets you imagine what camping could feel like. Take a look at them and create your own story. 

For Camping Season in Canada Muttonhead brought these two products perfect for night by the campfire.


This sweater is knit and dyed in Canada with natural cord drawstring.


2 sided stitch finished edge and 2 sided natural selvage edge,  25% Wool/75% Polyester/Acrylic Blend

I like the blanket comeback or maybe it was always there. Either way, the blanket is a definite favorite.

You can order them online from their store or from any of their two stores in Toronto one on Queen St. which is closed on Mondays and another one on Roncesvalles. For more information on their store click awayAlso please know that you can order online and pickup at store. Amazing new feature they just added to their site.

Pay them a visit online:


Instagram: #muttonhead

Facebook: @muttonheadcollective


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