Making waves since before it was cool, this duo bleeds design and entrepreneurship. Started in 1928, the Canadian legacy of superior materials and superior craftsmanship is kept alive and thriving in this brand.

I love their logo and designs which are minimalistic and direct.  The fact that they work with artisans from their hometown of London, Ontario and mix their product line with other “made in Canada” producers like Purdy Natural, speaks volumes about what matters to them and their company.

While not all of their products are made in Canada, a lot of them are. These are the ones we are interested in @VeryCanadian. Today, we are checking out the classic trench coat. Yep, May is here folks, and seeing that Mother Nature forgot about Spring in most parts of Canada, I predict  there will be “May Showers” this year, whether you like it or not! Why not arm yourself to take the dog for a walk, the kids to school, and that commute to work, no matter what the weather “May” bring!

Enter the Labrador Rain Trench  by Illbury and Goose, designed & crafted in London, Ontario.


This awesome trench coat comes in two colors, black, and yellow and  has a water resistant coating that allows you to stay dry no matter what your day brings. It’s design is unisex, so you and your SO can be a pair without being too matchy-matchy. Sizes range from extra small to extra large and it has a little brimmed hood so you can always see where you are going without having to readjust. Talk about convenience!

Friends, we live in Canada, and yes it rains everywhere and all the time. Especially in Vancouver and Halifax. So, do yourself a favor and buy this trench coat that will last you a lifetime of rainy walks and good old fashioned puddle jumps…without the dreaded soggy clothes.

Check out the raincoat (Black & Yellow) in our facebook shop for more information

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