Made In Canada, how?

Made In Canada, how?

What does it mean when we say made in Canada?

Where does the tag come from? 

All these questions pop into your head once you try to be more conscientious or scrupulous about your purchasing habits. The task of looking for companies and brands that make all of their wares at home is daunting, at best.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty and talk about how something gets made. A bag, for example. Where does the cotton come from, is it made of cotton? Is it made in parts? If so, where is it put together? So, if the cotton is imported and the parts come from different countries, what exactly does it mean to be ‘made in Canada’?

The ‘made in Canada’ or ‘made [insert country name]’ is based on percentages and the type of work that goes into making the finished product. Let’s talk about Canadian products. Roots has different lines of products, some of which are assembled in Canada from imports of different raw materials and some which are fully and completely made in China or Bangladesh. Take some bags from their leather line for example;  Imported Italian leather, organic cotton from India… assembled here in the True North. This would be an example of ‘made in Canada’. Think about it, we can’t grow cotton but we may buy leather from Calgary, after the Stampede. In this example Roots is designing, sourcing, importing, assembling and finally, selling it to us. The assembling is where the bulk of the work happens and if that is done in Canada then its considered as being ‘made in Canada’.  You just have to look at the price tag to see this distinction! Roots explicitly recognize, as they should, that these products are made at home by the finest craftsmen.

So the next time you are buying a bag, give me a shout! I have a list of 6 great Canadian companies selling amazing bags that I’d love to tell you about.

Ps: I’ll leave you the government link to the ‘made in Canada’ labelling laws for you to peruse at your leisure. Be forewarned that they are confusing and vague, as usual. =D

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