Ungalli and the plastic T-shirt

Ungalli and the plastic T-shirt

Summer is coming! or is it here?!

Either way I started to pack winter and realized that so many of my shirts and tank tops were in bad shape. I got excited , shopping in the summer is much funner.

Lately I’ve been reading about the fashion industry and its connection to pollution, its quite devastating. I had then decided to be more contious but the idea of shopping and looking at every label to see where it came from really did seem dreadful. 

But then, my friend Sharon called me, she moved up north for work and we hadn’t talked in a while. One thing let to another and she told me about this company from Thunder Bay, Ungalli. They make all their clothing here in Canada and they are making it out or recycled materials. I was floored.

Thanks Sharon, now I know where this summers money is going. Ungalli was started by two sisters, Hailey and Bree from Thunday Bay, Ontario. Named Top 30 under 30 award for Sustainability Leadership in Canada, what a duo. The t-shirts are made from recycled water bottles, it takes 10 bottles to make a t-shirt. I wonder if I bring my Coke or Pepsi bottles, do I get a free t-shirt, jokes aside. This is a great way to support our environment, be fashionable and support our Canadian economy.

As always here is the social and site of Ungalli


 facebook: @ungalliclothingco

instagram: #ungalliclothingco



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