Woolfell, story of passion and dedication.

Woolfell, story of passion and dedication.

Quebec is one of my favorite cities in the whole wide world. Not because they are Canadians but because Quebers make everything on their own. Quebec has its own industry of everything, is like a another country within Canada, this self sufficiency makes me want to move there but then again the French.

But enough about Quebec and its awesomeness, we are here to talk about Woolfell and what they do and how they do it. As you saw on the picture, that is where they make our bags and fluffy slippers along with purses and . Laurence and Marko made Woolfell back in 2013, they are artists in the truest sense of the word. Poor lighting and sometimes a bit overworked does not stop these two geniuses from sharing their artistic vision or their goal to make and offer handmade Canadian bags. And in case you were wondering how they make these bags, watch this video.


If this summer you were looking for a bag that will last the ages, then I really suggest Woolfell. They even repair the bags if you are MTL. There is a wide variety to satisfy all needs and tastes. My favourite bag is the ‘Minimalist’ backpack, it just looks so serious yet so simple and elegant, it’s waterproof, can keep my 15” laptop and its made by hand. I just love it.

If you rather touch, smell and feel the bag then you are in luck because Woolfell is everywhere, 3 stockists in Toronto, 4 in Montreal, 1 in Calgary and 1 in Oregon USA but they sell all their products online as well.

Like always here is their info.

Please support this duo, quality and class is what you are buying from them.

This is their shop online: https://www.woolfell.net/home

Instagram: #woolfellmtl

Facebook: #woolfell



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