About us

Our Story

The most important character in this story is unapologetically, very Canadian: a winter jacket. This could not be just any winter jacket however, it had to look good while also being warm enough for the coldest Northern Ontario winter! My wife, always on the lookout for brands that employ ethical standards of manufacturing, was also looking for something locally made, or at least made in Canada. And so the hunt began…

Our search for the perfect Canadian winter jacket opened our eyes to the very surprising reality that there are not many ‘Canadian’ companies that are truly “Made in Canada”, that is, manufactured, produced, and assembled within our boundaries. The bigger brands, like the jacket my wife eventually bought, are advertised as being Canadian but which further investigation revealed to be made in China and simply “assembled” in Canada, as we disappointedly discovered.

And the artisans and craftsmen who are truly Canadian in all aspects of their business model are either smaller companies who might not be as well known or are known just in their communities, getting lost in the sea of big businesses and franchises.

We knew that this had to change. After doing our research and discovering  that there is no platform out there for Canadian manufacturers, we decided that this is how we would initiate that change. Enter Very Canadian!

We believe strongly in supporting our economy and the talent within our communities and Very Canadian allows us to showcase the best that Canada has to offer.


Who are we?

We are a group of Canadians with a minor obsession with Canadian made products. This marketplace is just the start.

We are a team of programmers, writers, designers, and business savvy people and together we are building a marketplace for Canadian products.

This is not some old marketplace. We are curating each company and product we show on the site. That’s right we are going through the painstaking labor of looking through every product so that we are certain that it meets the ‘Canadian’ threshold. Once you see the product on the site you know is really really Canadian. I told you we are a bit obsessed.

Why buy Canadian?

No tariffs or border fees, lower ecological footprint or we incentivize our economy with more jobs...that's not the reason why we buy Canadian. Better quality products, better customer service or longer lasting warranties are not the real reason either, why we buy Canadian.

We buy Canadian because we are Canadians and we are proud of it!