Shopify Partners

What are Shopify Partners?

You may not know this but many online stores are powered by Shopify as many as 800,000 online stores. Shopify allows virtually anyone to create and run an online store, however, sometimes an extra bit of help is needed. 

Enter Shopify Partners

There are a few services that Shopify Partners provide: 

  • Design and build products
  • Create brands
  • Set up stores (both e-commerce and retail)
  • Launch, manage and scale businesses
  • Increase sales and revenue

Some Partners based on their track record, portfolio and specialization are considered Experts or Partners Plus if they work with enterprise level clients.

The look and feel of each online store are unique to each business and as such Design help from Partners and Experts is in the highest demand.

While Design is very important you must know that without a proper and sound marketing strategy your designs efforts are in vain. Lucky for you, there are many Shopify Experts and Partners that specialize in helping businesses with their online marketing and advertising. This includes setting up your Google AdWords and Analytics account to SEO and content strategy. So if you have a great site and need more visits maybe a Shopify Marketing Expert is what you need.

As a Shopify Partner helps Canadian businesses navigate their online journey from building their online store to finding clients.

In any stage of your journey, you can count on us!


If you want to create your own store just follow this link and start your Canadian e-commerce journey today!


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