A Collection of Canadian Plays


The purpose of A Collection of Canadian Plays is to present to the Canadian public good plays which have received regional acclaim but not national publicity. We hope to achieve the widest possible dissemination of original Canadian plays, not only for those who may be interested in mounting their own productions, but also for those playgoers who may wish to recapture the pleasures of an evening well spent in the theatre.

This volume focuses on children’s plays, which have been selected in conjunction with Associate Editor Susan Douglas Rubes from Young People’s Theatre.

This volume contains Land of Magic Spell, by Larry Zacharko; Which Witch is Which? by Beth McMaster; The Clam Made a Face, by Eric Nicol; Nuts & Bolts & Rusty Things, by Fred Thury; King Grumbletum and the Magic Pie, by David Kemp; Professor Fuddle’s Fantastic Fairy Tale Machine, by Alan E. Ball; Cyclone Jack, by Carol Bolt; Billy Bishop and the Red Baron, by Leonard Peterson; Masque, by Ron Cameron; Catalyst, by John Ibbitson.

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