A Great Lakes Treasury of Old Postcards


A Great Lakes Treasury of Old Postcards by Dr. Lorenzo and Carol Marcolin takes you on a nostalgic and exciting journey along the Canadian shores of the Great Lakes. You’ll visit a world that was very different from today’s hectic and turbulent place, a world where people travelled the Great Lakes and shot the Lachine Rapids for the sheer fun of travelling on the water in steamers large and small.

In over 42 years of collecting Great Lakes Postcards, Lorenzo and Carol Marcolin have accumulated an important visual history of the Canadian shores of the Great Lakes. Lovingly restored without tampering their historical veracity, the cards show you a world that is both appealing for its scenic beauty and sometimes repelling for its industrial ugliness.

The book introduces novel features for a postcard book, the most important being the Navigation Bar with its geographical coordinates that let you find distant and forgotten places, like Jackfish Harbour and Depot Harbour, on Google Earth (C) in a matter of seconds. The beautiful burgundy background of its postcard pages gives A Great Lakes Treasury of Old Postcards the look and feel of a treasured family album.

Each chapter begins with a list of the harbours covered in it, and an outline map of their location on the Great Lakes for instant reference.

The 305 harbour scenes in this book range from Port Arthur way up on the northern shore of Lake Superior, to the Niagara Region of Lake Ontario, and on to the St. Lawrence Seaway and the Port of Montreal.

We wish you a happy journey!

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