À vos marques! Prêts? Hockey!


See below for English description.

Avec cet album ludique et amusant, les jeunes lecteurs apprendront les mots et les expressions du hockey et fonceront vers le plaisir de la lecture à la vitesse grand V.

Play to win.It's hockey guess time.To score a goal, call out the rhyme.

The buzzer blares.Are you set?Slap the shot.It's an open . . . [NET!]

This rollicking read will have kids calling out hockey words and terms as they get caught up in the energy of a game and the riddle over every page turn. Alongside learning basic hockey terms and lingo, young readers will be counting and rhyming their way to reading fun. A perfect introduction to the sport for all levels of play.

Original title: Let's Play a Hockey Game!

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