After Taxes


Maximizing one’s savings is the surest way to guarantee that there is life after taxes. The truly successful investor begins with careful tax planning, which must never be a last-minute scramble in the dreadful month of March or worse still, April!

We all know that few of us actually plan well ahead, as we ought to, to protect ourselves and our hard-earned money. This book may well be the answer. Based on The Gasletter Collection, the author’s successful primer on sheltering your income, After Taxes is designed to help the working individual put in place a long-term strategy. An easy-to-understand handbook, it helps the reader wrestle with the implications of retirement funds, savings, off-shore shelters, investments, mutual funds, real estate, buyouts, separation allowances, and golden (or not-so-golden) handshakes. A must for those who wish to make informed financial decisions and better choices to guarantee a secure future.

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