All Aboard!

Since discovering the Canadian Flyer, a magical time-traveling sled, in Emily's attic, Matt and Emily have outrun dinosaurs in the Alberta badlands, seen the Silver Dart fly high in Nova Scotia's skies, and evaded slave catchers on the Underground Railroad. In All Aboard!, the sled lands in British Columbia in 1885. The Canadian Pacific Railway is almost complete, which means Canada will finally be linked from coast to coast. William Van Horne, Donald Smith, and Sanford Fleming gather in Craigellachie for the Last Spike Ceremony, but will Emily and Matt make it in time for the historic occasion? Will they be able to help reunite their new friend Edward Mallandaine with his friend Alex, an injured railroad worker? In this, the ninth book in the popular Canadian Flyer Adventures series, author Frieda Wishinsky weaves well-researched and accurate historical facts into her compelling, kid-friendly storytelling, while Leanne Franson’s evocative illustrations situate readers perfectly in place and time. At the end of their adventure, Emily and Matt share additional facts about the Canadian Pacific Railway, black bears, and railroad working conditions, and Wishinsky gives additional facts here too, in an informative Q&A format.

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