Amazing Football


Amazing Football is chock full of the biggest superstars of the NFL, as well as a 10-page primer on the parts of the game that matter most to kids.

Players like Aaron Rogers, Russell Wilson and J.J. Watt line the pages of this book because their outstanding gridiron skills have merged with their will to succeed.

From backgrounds as diverse as the population of the United States, these all-pros have had to deal with all manner of road blocks to get to the top of the football world.

Through adversity, defeat and triumph, players like Jamaal Charles, Jason Witten and Antonio Brown have carved a space in football history for themselves, and each one gives back to the community in ways that will benefit kids today.

Lighting up smiles by day and stadiums by night, the athletes featured in Amazing Football are a shining example of what can happen if you keep focused on your goals and make the right choices.

These football stars are role models for today's generation.

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