Arctic Food Security

"Traditional food production and food economies have changed drastically as a result of social, economic, and political influences. A decrease in subsistence production and consumption of country food and concomitant increase in imported and prepared food has brought increased health risks. But neither are country foods without risk, with impacts of contamination, climate, and cultural change. Contributions from a 5-year multi-disciplinary study examine the impacts of development and environmental change, conservation, co-management and quota systems, fur boycotts and anti-sealing lobbies, the disruption of traditional distribution networks, impacts of new technologies, transportation and infrastructure, the influence of wage economies, market forces, social policies, as well as legal and jurisdictional influences. Issues and their intensity vary between regions of the circumarctic, but many common themes emerge. Introduction by Gérard Duhaime and Nick Bernard.Chapters by: Sophie Thériault, Ghislain Otis, Gérard Duhaime, and Christopher Furgal; Gérard Duhaime, Eric Dewailly, Paule Halley, Christopher Furgal, Nick Bernard, Anne Godmaire, Carole Blanchet, Heather Myers, Stephanie Powell, Susie Bernier, and Jacques Grondin; Heather Myers, Stephanie Powell, and Gérard Duhaime; Heather Myers, Stephanie Powell, and Gérard Duhaime; Marcelle Chabot; Rasmus Ole Masmussen, Gérard Duhaime, Eric Dewailly, Christopher Furgal, Nick Bernard, Carole Blanchet, Peter Bjerregaard, and Alexandre Morin; Rasmus Ole Rasmussen; Josée Arsenault; Ludger Müller-Wille, Leo Granberg, Mika Helander, Lydia Heikkilä, Anni-Siiri Länsman, Tuula Tuisku, and Delia Berrouard; Ludger Müller-Wille, Jorunn Eikjok, and Dietbert Thannheiser; Tuula Tuisku; Larissa Abrutina; Chris D. James Paci, Cindy Dickson, Scot Nikels, Hing Man Chan, and Christopher Furgal; and Gérard Duhaime and Nick Bernard.Poster presentations presented as plates by: Gérard Duhaime, Nick Bernard, and Alexandre Morin; Ghislain Otis and Sophie Thériault; Paule Halley and Geneviève Parent; Marcelle Chabot; Paule Halley; Marie-Josée Verreault and Paule Halley; Alexandre Morin and Gérard Duhaime; Véronique Bélanger and Paul Halley; and Anne Godmaire and Gérard Duhaime."

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