Baby Chronicles Pregnancy Planner


A practical 12-month perpetual calendar for moms to be, revised based on customer feedback.

Baby Chronicles Pregnancy Planner helps new and expectant mothers stay organized and guides them through the maze of appointments, tests and physical changes so characteristic of this life-changing event.

This perpetual calendar can begin in any month and year, as chosen by the expectant mother, and has important information on pregnancy and newborn baby care. The planner organizes the days and months leading up to the baby's birth as well as after the big day. The information mothers record in their planner creates a collection of memorabilia from this special time, which can also be used as a guide for future pregnancies.

The features include:

  • A rolling 12-month calendar
  • Pages of stickers to indicate notable dates
  • Healthy eating suggestions and prenatal exercises
  • Information on infant care and feeding
  • Steps to make a home baby-safe
  • A clear storage pocket for coupons and appointment cards
  • The revised format and layout of this superb planner is based on customers' feedback on the first edition. New developments are also included, and all the information is updated.

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