Think you're eating healthy? Think again.For the past fifty years, we have been slowly eating ourselves to death-and doing so based on government recommendations about what constitutes a healthy diet. Our traditional low-fat, high-carb food choices have led to epidemic-level increases in obesity and related health consequences, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancers.It's time to hit the reset button. In BioDiet, academic and scientist Dr. David Harper offers a new approach: a low-carb, moderate-protein, high-fat plan that works with the body's natural processes to improve health and reverse decades of damage wrought by our collective carb addiction. Drawing on the latest research in nutritional science, BioDiet isn't a quick fix designed to help shed ten pounds before beach season; it's a lifestyle choice that will leave you happier and healthier for life. No hype or gimmicks: it's what the science says.

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