Biological Implications of Global Change

The second in a series of workshops examining global change in the Arctic from a variety of perspectives. Topics include traditional knowledge and climate change, the implications of global change for northern vegetation and wildlife, its impacts on northern agricultural and hydro development, and research and policy development. Introduction by Josef Svoboda and Doris Nabert. Papers by Minnie Aodla Freeman; Peter Ernerk; Elaine Wheaton and Virginina Wittrock; Bhawan Singh and Pierre-David Trudel; Glen MacDonald, Chris Larsen, Julian Szeicz, and Kursti Dale; Josef Svoboda; Elisabeth Beaubien; Linda Mearns; Dennis Gignac and Dale Vitt; Ross Wein and Simon Landhäuser; Richard Ring; Hugh Boyd and Antony Diamond; Anne Gunn; Ian Stirling and Andrew Derocher; Tom Smith; Gary Mathison and Robert Christopherson; Ellen Bielawski and Barney Masuzumi; Stewart Cohen and Jamie Smith;

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