Border Cities Powerhouse


Border Cities Powerhouse chronicles one of the most dramatic urban transformations in Canadian history, documenting the shift from modest industry to manufacturing dynamo. The coming of the automobile in 1904 put the Border Cities on the map, sparking a period of explosive growth.

From the bright lights of hydro-electric power and the construction of the Ambassador Bridge to the Battle of Ford City, communist agitation, and the Border Cities’ forced amalgamation during the Great Depression, this was a period of unprecedented progress and open conflict.

Tracing the region’s development through Prohibition, the Dirty Thirties, and the military expansion of the First and Second World Wars, the era reaches its climax during the infamous 1945 Ford Factory Strike, when autoworkers faced off against corporate management in a struggle that would change the face of Canadian labour.

Following the success of The River & the Land: A History of Windsor to 1900, this second book in Patrick Brode’s comprehensive, three-volume history of Windsor captures an age of dramatic change and political struggle.

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