Call Me True


In this investigation of the life and varied careers of True Davidson, Eleanor Darke seeks to discover what can be "truly said about True" – a fascinating and contradictory woman who was always ahead of her time.

"There was no quitter in her make-up and she fought like a banshee for whatever she believed in – which was people, truth, Canada. People either loved her or loathed her. None was indifferent. All her life True Davidson stood for human values. And traditions. Her courage and integrity knew no limit. She didn’t make a cent from politics and scrimped and saved to make ends meet. She overflowed with opinions, ideas, even prejudices. She was as straight as they come." – The Toronto Sun

"Opponents characterized her sometimes as arrogant and selfish, but she devoted her whole life to her wide interests in history, civic affairs and conservation and to her constituents. She never had an unlisted telephone number." – The Globe and Mail

"Flamboyant but never frivolous, cutting but never cruel, True Davidson enlivened municipal politics during her long tenure in office. She bears … emulating by any woman with political ambitions." – The Toronto Star

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