Canada's Pregnancy Care Book


Essential reading for anyone who is thinking about becoming pregnant or is already pregnant.

This comprehensive book features extensive yet easy-to-understand information on everything related to pregnancy, from preconception to birth.

The highly readable presentation style covers the following areas:

  • Part 1 -- Before You Become Pregnant: everything from genetics basics to avoiding risks such as food toxins

  • Part 2 -- Your First Trimester (Months 1 to 3): information on screening tests, diet and nutrition

  • Part 3 -- Your Second Trimester (Months 4 to 6): everything from body changes to personal care to exercising safely

  • Part 4 -- Your Third Trimester (Months 7 to 9): birth and newborn planning, childbirth classes and preparing for labor

  • Part 5 -- Your Labor and Delivery: birth positions, labor stages, special deliveries and interventions

  • Part 6 -- After Your Baby Is Born: information on newborn care, healthy parenthood and diet and exercise for breast-feeding mothers

Health conditions and complications specific to each trimester are featured, as is an FAQ section. With extensive charts, tables and illustrations, and a full-color presentation, this book will appeal to a wide range of consumers.

Mount Sinai Hospital is one of the top teaching hospitals in North America and one of Canada's pre-eminent patient care, research and academic health science centers.

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