Canadian's Best Tax Haven: The US

When Canadians think of tax havens, they rarely think of the US, but it truly is one of the best options available for Canadians today. Using the US as a tax haven will enable you to keep more of what’s rightfully yours — legally! A Canadian’s Best Tax Haven proves it by discussing actual tax situations and comparing taxes paid by a person with exactly the same income living in Canada, the US,and a traditional tax haven.Written by the author of the best-selling cross-border tax book The Border Guide: A Guide to Living, Working, and Investing across the Border, this informative book covers the following:• What is a tax haven?• Why you might want a tax haven• Why traditional tax havens don’t work• What some of the prevalent myths about tax havens are and what the truth is• Hidden costs of tax havens• The US-Canada Tax Treaty• And more!This book shows you how to take advantage of tax haven strategies available to Canadians, easily and legally, and reduce your taxes payable. A Canadian’s Best Tax Haven doles out indispensable advice that will help you keep more of what you earn, just by driving across the border and following a few simple rules!

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