Carmina Skirt


This skirt is your new everyday ally for a polyvalent look. It goes nicely from work hours, to evenings and even weekends. Easily accessorized for diverse situations, it represent comfort in its simplest way. Made of thin knit, it insures allégresse during the warmest days of summer, by leaving you fresh in its fabric that fits your every moves. Even more great, this skirt is made in our trustworthy viscose knit that is anti-pilling, insuring a great durability to the fabric which will age nicely, keeping its original look.

Also, it’s extensible waistband insures à comfortable wear through the day. In terms of style, the knot detail at the hem adds a little something to make this skirt largely different to all you usual straight skirt, it the most charming way.

Please note that the hem is finished raw edge.

95% Viscose, 5% Elastane

Length: 19 ½’’, 50 cm (S)Made in Montreal, Canada.


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