"Cash" Charcoal Eco Baby Shoe


This adorable eco baby shoe collection comes in a wide variety of colours and prints to show off your little ones' unique personalities. Made in Canada from vegetable-dyed Portuguese cork and lined with earth-friendly "fleece"; these durable, expertly crafted slipper-shoes are made to last and offer all the cuteness without the environmental impact. 

All are made with cork but depending on style they are also crafted using other sustainable materials, such as hemp, organic cotton, linen or bamboo.  The cork used is made ethically, practicing fair labour laws and sourced sustainably.  The bark of the cork oak tree is peeled after a time and the tree is left unharmed. 

An ultra-soft backing helps to ensure extra comfort while little ones are on the move. Don't worry about messing up your cutie's lovely new shoes because they wipe clean easily with a baby wipe or cloth and soap and water when needed. As a bonus, cork has natural anti-mildew and anti-bacterial properties.

Working best without socks as they are designed to regulate heat, keeping your wee one's feet cool in summer and warm in winter, means no need to fuss with socks that will fall off, get in the way or get lost in the wash.  Every little hack helps!  Some opt to keep one pair for indoor use and another for light outdoor use.  As such, when you buy 2, you save $10 using the code SAVE10 at checkout.  

NOTE:  If you are ordering 9M+ size, the sole is a waterproof, scratchproof, durable grip material called ToughTEK (certified by REACH for manufacturing safety of people and environment) versus natural cork for the toddler phase.

If you wish to order 9M+ in cork instead, please ask us about CUSTOM orders. Likewise, if you would prefer the grip material for a smaller size than 9M, please contact us regarding a custom order.

As a precaution and as a paranoid mama over here please don't let babies chew on the shoes. Not only is it nasty but it is a precaution against choking or simply damaging your lovely new footwear.

Also, the cork is treated with UV and abrasion protection and scotch guard to allow for easy cleaning, withstanding the elements and wear and tear for longer use.

Free shipping within Canada. Prices in CAD. C$10 flat rate on shipping to US.


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