Cher Journal : À la sueur de mon front


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Lorsque Flora quitte l'orphelinat pour aller rejoindre sa tante et son oncle à Almonte, la jeune fille tire un trait sur son passé pour commencer un nouveau chapitre de sa vie. Avec joie, elle s'intègre à sa nouvelle famille et avec sagesse, elle accepte de travailler à l'usine de textile de la ville avec sa tante et son oncle. Survient alors un triste événement. Son oncle perd plusieurs doigts à la suite d'un grave accident. S'envolent alors son salaire et sa joie de vivre. Flora et sa tante gardent espoir, mais elles n'ont plus suffisamment d'argent pour vivre. Comment la jeune fille peut-elle aider ceux qu'elle aime à traverser cette épreuve?

Flora is a young, imaginative girl who has dreamt of having a family to call her own since her parents died from pleurisy when she was three. She dreams of family dinners. She dreams of friends. But mostly she dreams of leaving the orphanage. As the diary begins, Flora is still in an orphanage in Kingston, but her Auntie Janet has just married, and she and her husband James send for Flora to come and live with them in Almonte, Ontario. Once she arrives at her aunt's, Flora begins work in the Almonte Mill, even though she is underage - typical for many children of the era. She works from dawn to dusk, near huge and noisy machines, and she sees the effects of the mill on workers who have lost an arm or their hearing. Still, this life is better than going back to the orphanage. But when Uncle James loses several fingers at the weaving machine and can't work anymore, money is really tight, and it's up to Flora and her aunt to find a way out of the predicament.

Original Title: Dear Canada: Days of Toil and Tears

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