Cher Journal : Rêves déçus


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Après le décès de sa mère, Henriette Palmer tente l'impossible pour obtenir la garde de son frère et réunir sa famille. Elle entreprend donc un long voyage vers Cariboo, déguisée en garçon, pour retrouver son père chercheur d'or et rebâtir sa famille.

Still reeling from the death of her mother, Harriet sets out on a dangerous journey - disguised as a boy, since no "petticoats" are allowed on the trip - determined to find her missing father in the gold fields of British Columbia's Cariboo. The journey itself is incredibly difficult, and Harriet still has to find her father before the winter snows close down the entire Williams Creek area. Will she be able to find him, or will her journey be for nothing?

Original title: Dear Canada: A Trail of Broken Dreams

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