Cher Journal : Un océan nous sépare


See below for English description.

Mei-ling et son père ont immigré au Canada. Ils doivent amasser assez d'argent pour faire venir la mère et le frère de Mei-ling, avant qu'entre en vigueur la loi d'exclusion qui interdit la venue d'autres immigrants chinois.

Mei-ling lives with her father in Vancouver, but her mother and baby brother are still in China. Mei-ling works after school, and her father holds down several jobs, in a frantic effort to come up with the head tax that will allow her mother and brother to come to Canada. They must have that money before the Exclusion Act bars any more Chinese from immigrating. Mei-ling cannot stop thinking about what will happen if they are unable to come up with the money to reunite their family?

Original title: Dear Canada: An Ocean Apart

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