Clouds without Heaven


In Mary Cameron’s debut poetry collection she deftly redefines the relationship between visual art and the viewer’s heart. In quick brush strokes and near staccato stanzas, Cameron explores the multiple interpretations each image evokes, its random potential, crafting condensed lines that stress the music of her language above its narrative. Her eye sees unlikely pairings, juxtaposing objects to make links where before there was only dissonance. Adopting the role of curator/editor, Cameron finds form in each of the book’s four galleries: Madame Cezanne, Landscapes, Portraits and Lovers. For her "master" she takes Paul Cezanne, moving beyond the canvas to his strained relationship with his wife Hortense. In the shadow of the easel and his tormented genius, Cameron unveils a feminine strength rooted in nature and self- definition – a force, not unlike her own, novel, determined and fierce.

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