Contesting a Will without a Lawyer

Wills and estates matters can be complex and emotional. Many people feel that whatever has happened to derail an estate is the result of someone acting in a way that is selfish, greedy, or even criminal. Sometimes someone wants to stop abuse or fraud, or simply ensure the deceased’s wishes are carried out. Perhaps financial support from the estate is warranted and not received. Often, these types of issues need to be brought before the courts to be resolved.Contesting a Will without a Lawyer: The DIY guide for Canadians not only informs the reader of the types of lawsuits that touch on estates matters and what is involved in each to help with the decision of whether or not to sue over an estate dispute; it is also for those who decide to go ahead with a lawsuit on their own, to help them navigate paperwork and the court system.It answers questions such as:• What are the legal grounds for contesting a will?• What are the pros and cons of starting a lawsuit about a will?• What evidence will I need and how do I get it?• How long does it take?• Are there steps I should take before starting the lawsuit?• What forms do I need and how do I use them?• Do I need a lawyer or can I handle this myself?• Will the estate or the other side cover my costs?Author and lawyer Lynne Butler offers factual and straightforward explanations in this indispensable book for anyone considering estate litigation.The download kit contains:• Statement of Claim• Caveats• Checklists to help you on your way— And more!

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