From classic chocolate recipes to wholesome treats.

Who can resist the offer of a homemade cookie? It's the perfect portable snack or small dessert. Best of all, cookies are as easy to make as they are delicious.

Cookies presents an extraordinary range of recipes -- from the classics, to variations on the traditional childhood favorites, to new taste sensations. With color pages throughout and dozens of photographs, Cookies serves up plenty of inspiration and a great selection of delectable recipes, including:

  • White chocolate fruit and nut cookies
  • Chocolate caramel oat cookies
  • Toffee chocolate almond chippers
  • Chocolate chunk pecan cookies
  • Triple nut biscotti
  • Chocolate orange pinwheels
  • Apricot thumbprints
  • Milk chocolate peanut butter cookies
  • Loaded oatmeal cookies.

The recipes are carefully tested to be fail-safe, and there are lots of helpful baking tips and techniques. There is information on using baking equipment, and a pantry guide to essential ingredients.

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