Corina Dress


Corina offers you a simple, classic and comfortable look that you won’t want to miss. Its white stripes insertions add a luminous glow to the dress, adding an interesting accent to the waist. The angle of the stripes graciously underlines the waistline, enhancing the silhouette nicely. The navy and white colour combination is an undeniable classic, ideal for an intemporal wardrobe. Made entirely of stretch cotton, Corina insures daily comfort, perfect for long summer days. Its classic cut confers it the ultimate polyvalence, as it is easily accessorized for all occasions!

WASHING: Particularly on the first wash, add a touch of vinegar into the machine to conserve the colours of the garment. Wash at delicate cycle, with cold water and a delicate soap. Do not let the garment soak or hand wash, which will likely lead to colour bleeding of the navy onto the white.

92% Cotton , 8% SpandexLength: 35 ½’’, 90 cm (M)

Made in Montreal, Canada.

Sku: 12-343

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