D-Day to Carpiquet


The brutal battlefields of Europe during World War II were the testing ground for the young men of the 1st Battalion of the North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment. On June 6, 1944, the soldiers landed on the coast of France as part of the first wave of the D-Day invasion. After securing the eastern flank of the Canadian landing along Juno Beach, the Regiment was in constant contact with the enemy over the next thirty days, suffering a steady stream of casualties. This led to a ferocious battle in the French village of Carpiquet. For five days, the Regiment endured a living hell and suffered nearly 300 casualties. By the end of it, the North Shore Regiment had effectively died.

For the first time, the comprehensive tale of this storied Regiment is finally told. D-Day to Carpiquet is volume 9 in the New Brunswick Military Heritage Series.

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