Death Scene Artist, The


M_____ is a film extra with a meagre list of credits to their name and a side career writing obituaries for the Los Angeles Times. M_____ is also dying of cancer at only thirty-two. With the stark reality of death looming overhead, and against the even greater threat of being forgotten, M_____ starts down a strange, fantastic and ultimately tragic path recounting a doomed love affair with the world's greatest living "redshirt" ? a man who, over a career spanning two decades, has died or appeared dead in nearly eight hundred film and television roles.

A compelling narrative interspersed with blog fragments and film scripts, The Death Scene Artist is a three-act surrealist exploration of the obsessive fault-finding of body dysmorphia, the internal conflict of gender dysphoria and the dangerous desires of a man who has lived several hundred half-minute lives without having ever experienced his own.

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