Deep Water Dream

A hopeful memoir that shares the author’s voyage of discovery as a mother, wife, and physician in underserved communities in northern Ontario.In underserved areas of Canada, the communities themselves can be one of the strongest parts of the health care team. Dr. Gretchen Roedde, a physician who has been working in northern Ontario since the late 1970s, shows how local communities play a major role in responding to illness, birth, and death, making each more meaningful and bearable.In Deep Water Dream, Dr. Roedde recounts stories from her long career, from working with a Cree community to develop a medical dictionary in their own language and training community-based health workers to delivering Amish babies in her house and conducting a house call with a priest to minister to a dying French-Canadian woman. In Roedde’s stories, the boundaries between physician and community are redrawn, strengthening the capacity to care for those close by, in a hopeful and powerful example for the rest of the world.

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