Demon in My Blood


One woman’s shocking diagnosis with hepatitis C, her search for the cause, and her miraculous cure.

Was it wild parties and rough sex, a blood transfusion after childbirth or after a horrific accident involving a group of bikers, or perhaps some other event during the freewheeling 1960s and early 1970s that funneled the demon into her blood? Regardless, decades later, on the verge of cirrhosis, Elizabeth Rains had to confront the fact that she was infected with hepatitis C, often a death sentence. But Rains was lucky. She was able to obtain the new, tremendously costly lifesaving antivirals, and became one of the early patients to be cured. This book tells her story while also shedding light on the workings of this insidious disease, the suffering it has caused other victims, and the path to a cure for everyone.

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