Drakkar Noir

This mirror's selfie-proof, a machine that dams back the gloom.After a brief period of mourning, it was the afternoon.This mirror is selfie-proof, a machine that damsback the gloom. When machines dream they dreamof stopping. But this bulimic is all hangnailswith a hankering to throatsing.Following the Fratellini Family of clowns, Jeramy Dodds astonishes readersand non-readers alike. Techniques such as his patented triumph, the Grand Mal Caesura, along with other favourites, are on display inside. Dodds is a warlock of words, only to be outdone by them, enslaved by them, freed by them - maybe even loved by them. A haunting, yet hilarious depiction of a journey to and fro the furthest limits of the human experiment.

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