Early London 1826-1914


When founded in 1826, London was a frontier outpost surrounded by dense forest. Nearly 100 years later, that once-humble village had transformed into a burgeoning metropolis—a national leader in industry, culture, and education.

Featuring never-before-seen photographs from Museum London's Orr Collection, Early London 1826-1914 tells the story of the city's dramatic, remarkable rise. With chapters on architecture, industry, sports, and daily life, this stunning visual history captures London's rapid development into the unofficial capital of Western Ontario. From the introduction of the city's first electric streetcar to the construction of the Normal School, the bustle of early garment factories to the free-wheeling fun of primitive 'bicycle clubs,' the book highlights those Victorians who built London—rich and poor, young and old—at work and play.

Providing the reader with an extraordinary collection of historic photographs and sketches, historian Jennifer Grainger unearths the roots of the modern Forest City, offering a new perspective on one of Canada's most important, foundational urban communities. Meticulously researched, beautifully curated, and handsomely designed, Early London is destined to become a must-have book for local history lovers.

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