Marizia Dress


Classic cut and classic colour, this dress is a sure favorite ! The contrast between the profound black of the dress and the whiteness of its trim offers a light impact effect for a simplify appearance. This voluntary simplicity makes it even easier to accessorize and add a personal touch of colour according to your taste. Marizia is a style that has made is proof over time and that fits nicely into every situation and for every silhouette.

Made in this universal hue, it is even more accessible and adaptable to everyone individual type. The dress stable knit is not only comfortable, it is also ideal for the long days or for transportation since its composition keeps it creaseless!

WASHING: Particularly on the first wash, add a touch of vinegar into the machine to conserve the colours of the garment. Wash at delicate cycle, with cold water and a delicate soap. Do not let the garment soak or hand wash, which will likely lead to colour bleeding of the black onto the white.

63% Rayon, 32% Nylon, 5% Elastane

Length: 37 ½’’, 95.5 cm (M)

Made in Montreal, Canada.


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