Natural Bristle Cleaning Brush


Most cleaning brushes are made of nylon or other petroleum-based components.  Not ours.  We use either goat hair or natural plant-based sisal.  Sisal is sustainably harvested from the leaves of the cactus plant.  Both options are strong and durable and fit all straw sizes.

The super easy way to clean your glass straw is by giving it a quick rinse under the tap immediately after use, and popping it in the dishwasher - no brush needed. But for those occasions when you drink a smoothie and let the remnants cake on, you'll want a cleaning brush to give your straw a scrub.


Tired of mass produced products?

Our reusable straw cleaning brushes are sustainably sourced, manufactured, and shipped to our Vancouver studio, made with natural goat hair or vegan sisal.  

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