Reinventing Gravity


A bold revision of one of the most successful theories of all time: Einstein’s general theory of relativity. Physicists have long known that something is wrong with gravity. Einstein’s relativity and the theory of quantum mechanics are fundamentally incompatible, which has prompted the last 30 years of work in string theory and quantum gravity. However, John Moffat has identified a bigger problem: not only does Einstein’s theory not work in the world of the very small; it does not seem to work in the world of the very large either. Moffat has developed a modified theory of gravity, or MOG, that can explain the behaviour of our universe as well as Einstein’s, without resorting to dubious, yet long-claimed excuse for the existence of invisible "dark matter."

As John Barrow of the University of Cambridge asserts, the simplicity of Moffat’s model demands that physicists take this daring new theory seriously. Now, for the first time, Reinventing Gravity introduces general readers to Moffat’s groundbreaking new ideas about the universe.

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