Rends-moi mon papa!


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En automne 2010, Scholastic Canada invitait les jeunes à choisir leur texte préféré parmi les trois proposés par Robert Munsch. L'histoire d'une fillette de Rigolet, au Labrador a récolté le plus de votes. En voici le résumé :

Cheryl et son père vont pêcher sur la glace. Toutefois, les poissons sont bien plus malins qu'eux et essaient de les attraper à leur tour! Finalement, les joyeux pêcheurs ne rentreront pas les mains vides...bien au contraire!

After almost 170,000 votes tallied, the winning story of our Pick-A-Munsch contest is here!

In Fall 2010, Scholastic Canada launched a promotion that allowed young readers to help select the story by Robert Munsch to be published as his 30th book with Scholastic Canada. After close to 170,000 votes tallied, the fans have spoken - here are the details of the winning story:

Cheryl and her dad go ice fishing, but it turns out that the fish are pretty smart. They are trying to catch the people right back! In the end, Cheryl and her father bring home something really good... and it's not a fish at all!

This story was inspired by a young girl in Rigolet, Labrador. Twenty years ago Robert Munsch went ice fishing with a girl named Cheryl and her father, and this story was born. He has performed it live for many years now, but it has never appeared in book form before. Scholastic Canada is proud to bring this wonderful, whimsical tale to young readers everywhere!

Original title: Give Me Back My Dad!

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