A powerful new anthology of poetry from writers all over the world on sexual assault and abuse, edited and with a foreword by Sue Goyette.Created as a response to the Jian Ghomeshi case, these writers have set out to tell their stories in their own words: to resist the patriarchal systems of power that continue to support and prop up a flawed justice system that benefits the abusers, and not the abused, and in doing so, have reclaimed power and voice. In the era of the #MeToo movement, this collection couldn't be more timely.From the editor:"This is what change looks like. All of us, contributing in whatever way we can: by writing or by reading, by sharing the experiences we have in common. May this collection of poems help continue the contagion of change that defies violence and injustice. In this way, the numbers are on our side. We are a multitude, resisting. And once our experiences have been dignified by our voices, however way that sounds or looks like, once we feel the lightness and the relief of having borne and then disrupted our pain, there is no telling what else we can do."With poems by over 80 writers, including Joan Crate, Ashley-Elizabeth Best and Beth Goobie.

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