Thelma Tunic


This tunic in all its simplicity offers you both a casual and a professional look. Its classic cut graciously underlines the waist while the slightly flared hem offers you a great silhouette. Its V-neckline elongates the silhouette, while the light appliqué detail adds light to the garment. Closed by buttons at the bust, it is a classic item with a subtle touch of originality, that fits perfectly into a polyvalent style. Its neutral hues make this tunic easy to integrate into your wardrobe, since it is a no-brainer to match with different colours or textures.

Its knit is both thick and extensible for a comfortable wear, while it keeps its fine appearance all through the day. Useful to create a sophisticated outfit, you can easily add a top underneath it, wear it with a legging or even jeans and every other possibilities you can imagine!

WASHING: Particularly on the first wash, add a touch of vinegar into the machine to conserve the colours of the garment. Wash at delicate cycle, with cold water and a delicate soap. Do not let the garment soak or hand wash, which will likely lead to colour bleeding of the black onto the white.

63% Rayon , 32% Nylon , 5% Elastane

Length: 33’’, 84 cm (M)

Made in Montreal, Canada.


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