Top Knots


Top Knots provides you with a clear reference manual whether you are an experienced rope and line user or a novice who is just beginning to develop your expertise. The book provides step-by-step, easy-tie guides to the best and most popular knots from sailing, climbing, fishing, camping, and everyday situations to decorative rope work.

The book opens with all you need to know for selecting, caring for, and storing a variety of rope types. The core section of the book features a ’hands-on’ directory, using clear steps and photographs to describe the formation of the knots. Here you will find each knot listed by the practical qualities it has, including easy-to-tie, hold-fast, tethering, sliding, and fishing knots.

Experienced rope users will find some more advanced knots as well as a few decorative ones to interest them, while beginners can start with the most basic knots and progress to the more advanced as their knowledge and expertise grows.

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