Twelve Trees


"With the pace, intensity, and beauty of a thoroughbred beginning its stretch run, Twelve Trees is simply mesmerizing." – M.T. Kelly Exracetrack journalist Priam Harvey, occupant of the prized "corner stool" at McCully’s Tavern, marks the first anniversary of his firing from Sport of Kings magazine and the coincident departure of his girlfriend, Barbara, by doing what he does best: drinking and gambling. Events conspire, however, and when Harvey is pulled off his stool – literally and metaphorically – he is forced to make an important decision about his involvement in the lives of those around him, and, for that matter, in his own life. Harvey, who appeared briefly in J.D. Carpenter’s first novel, The Devil in Me, and played a major role in its sequels, Bright’s Kill ("a satisfying suspense story of the first order" – Edmonton Journal) and 74 Miles Away ("slick, smart, not a shred of padding" – Globe and Mail), takes centre stage in this unusual tale of one mans coming to terms with himself.

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