Ukraine during World War II

The events in Eastern Europe and Ukraine during World War II are generally little known and often misunderstood, even though it was here that the war lasted the longest and caused devastation on an unprecedented scale. Millions either lost their lives or became slave laborers. In some areas, underground resistance to Nazi and, later, Soviet rule did not subside until the early 1950s. This book will interest those concerned with the history of Ukraine during World War II, as well as the controversy over the presence of alleged war criminals in Canada and the United States. Contributors: Orest Subtelny, Bohdan Krawchenko, Taras Hunczak, Peter J. Potichnyj, Myroslav Yurkevich, Mark R. Elliott, David Matas, Roman Serbyn, S. Paul Zumbakis, Roman Kupchinsky, Myron Kuropas.

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