When September Comes


Peter Jailall continues his search for the place called home in his third volume of poetry, exploring the "open, dangerous" landscape of a post-September 11th world. In this climate of globalization, none are untouched by the threats of terrorism or the spoils of modernization and its effect on our environment. As poet, teacher and storyteller, Peter’s unique gift for the blending of language – from Caribbean-accented English to Hindi – allows him to paint beautiful dichotomies between the Guyana of his birth, and the Canada that is his current home. "To those of us in the worldwide Guyanese diaspora, Peter’s poetry is cultural regeneration and joy. It generates the anchorage of identity and self respect in a sea of uncertainty and adjustment. To our host communities it provides insights into who we are as persons. It encourages the realization that hopes, fears, and aspirations are common across cultures and all are worthy of understanding and respect. To all who read Peter’s work come challenges to thought and imagination, glowing pride, and prolonged pleasure." – Judaman Seecoomar, PhD, Author "Peter Jailall speaks poignantly to problems of identity and the painful feelings associated with movement and change in this fine new collection. He examines past and present and points to our need to find out and accept who we really are before cultural identity can be recognized."– Bob Barton, Storyteller, writer, educator (OISE, University of Toronto)

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