Wind Seller


In her highly anticipated second novel, Rachael Preston tells a vibrant, compelling story of 20th century piracy. Exploring the complex struggle for freedom against a backdrop of passion and repression, The Wind Seller is the story of two vulnerable, shellshocked people and the "wind seller" who captivates them both.

Life in 1924 Kenomee, Nova Scotia, seems simple enough. Until, that is, a mysterious schooner blows into town under the cover of darkness, in desperate need of repair. Waking up to the giant black ship moored near their wharf, the villagers gather to take a gander at the Esmeralda and her crew. To everyone's surprise, there's a woman on board, and she shares the schooner's name. Claiming to be the captain's daughter, she wears men's clothing — young and beautiful, she is as fit and as strong as the men. She is also an enigma and starts a chain of events that will change everyone's life, except perhaps her own.

The Wind Seller is a moving story about choices and consequences, but it is also about imprisonment by, and release from, the personal demons unleashed by terrible experience.

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